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    chm file not working

    I created an html help file for an application that I did. The .chm file was created using FastHelp. After compiling to .chm, it works from the computer that I am working on. But if I copy the file to a network, when I dbl click the .chm file, it is not displayed. The content can be seen, but the topic page says that 'The page cannot be displayed.' Please help on what can be done.


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    Jun 2006
    This is a known problem since Micrsoft improved security with regard to .chm files. There are some workarounds though, can you place this file directly on somebody elses computer and then open it, this should work, its only the access via a network that is the problem. Do a web search for .chm not opening over networks or look at the microsoft knowledgebase.
    There is a LOT of info about these problems on the Madcap Flare website (I am a Flare user).
    Good luck with this.
    Bob Hardy

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