How to execute a method of the class loaded

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Thread: How to execute a method of the class loaded

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    How to execute a method of the class loaded


    I have to execute the method of com.common.helper.EANCRatingHelper" + version

    version may be 1,2, etc

    if version = 1 the class is com.common.helper.EANCRatingHelper1;

    Iam able to load the class using following code.But iam unable to execute the method of the above class

    Can anybody help me how to execute the method of the class loaded.

    Following is the code

    String version = getHelperClassVersion(requestDate);
    String helperClass = "com.redroller.common.carriers.eanc.helper.EANCRatingHelper" + version;

    Class eancRatingHelper = Class.forName(helperClass);

    eancRatingHelper.saveRating(); This is not executing throwing an error no method.



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    Oct 2005
    I think you need to cast it to the class like so...

    Class eancRatingHelper = Class.forName(helperClass);
    eancRatingHelper eancRH = (eancRatingHelper)eancRatingHelper.newInstance();

    newInstance returns an Object and you were not doing anything with it. Then you tryed to call saveRating as a static method of the class which it probably isn't.

    I think this will work, but i haven't tried it so don't get mad if it doesn't.

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