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    Boolean vlaue for a video store program - please help!!


    Any idea how I can add a boolean method that will simply say whether a video is available or not. Such as, 'if' the video is available return true, 'else' return false.

    I have to admit I'm pretty useless with boolean statements and would appreciate any advice.

    The program is a simple Video store management program. My current code is as follows,

    package videos;
    public class Video {
        private int days, referenceNumber;
        private static double dailyPrice;
        private double totalPrice;
        private Title videoTitle;
        public Video(int refNum, Title t, int d, double dp) {
            referenceNumber = refNum; videoTitle = t; days = d; dailyPrice = dp;
        public Video(int title, String film, String lead1, String lead2, String dir){
            videoTitle = new Title(title, film, lead1, lead2, dir);
        public Title getTitle() {
            return videoTitle;
        public int getReferenceNumber() {
            return referenceNumber;
        public void setReferenceNumber(int refNum) {
            referenceNumber = refNum;
        public int getDays() {
            return days;
        public void setDays(int d) {
            days = d;
        public double getDailyPrice() {
            return dailyPrice;
        public void setDailyPrice(double dp) {
            dailyPrice = dp;
        public double getTotalPrice() {
            return totalPrice;
        public void ApplyTotalPrice() {
            totalPrice = days*dailyPrice;
        public String toString() {
            return referenceNumber + "" + videoTitle + "" + totalPrice;
    Also, do you think the above method for calculating TotalPrice will work in this class?

    Any help appreciated!!

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    have a data member to your class which is a boolean - available

    this member's value is returned by the method isAvailable().

    Any action relating to the check out, check in, etc. of the video would include a query to isAvailable().

    if (isAvailable() )
    System.out.println( "Sorry, this title is not available. Choose another." );

    or something like that ....

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