I'm currently trying to write a basic video store management program. I have already written a number of classes to help do this job, but I'm having a few doubts about my Video class.

Basically, will the following code allow me to access the information about video titles, stored in a seperate class called 'Title', and will the constructor 'Video' correctly read data from a text file for the other required information.

I know these questions may seem a bit simple, but I'm getting really lost with this program.

Code so far is as follows;

package videos;
import simplejava.*;
public class Video {
    private int days, referenceNumber;
    private static double dailyPrice;
    private double totalPrice;
    private Title title;
    public boolean available;
    public Video(int refNum, int d, double dp) {
        referenceNumber = refNum;
        days = d;
        dailyPrice = dp;
        this.title = title;
    public Video(SimpleReader in) {
        this(in.readInt(), in.readInt(), in.readDouble()); 
    public int getReferenceNumber() {
        return referenceNumber;
    public int getDays() {
        return days;
    public void setDays(int d) {
        days = d;
    public double getDailyPrice() {
        return dailyPrice;
    public void setDailyPrice(double dp) {
        dailyPrice = dp;
    public void getTotalPrice() {
        totalPrice = days*dailyPrice;
    public boolean isAvailable() {
        if (available)
            return true;
            return false;
    public String toString() {
        return referenceNumber + "" + title + "" + totalPrice + available;
Any help or advice really appreciated!!