Query Analyzer Debug Warning Message

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Thread: Query Analyzer Debug Warning Message

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    anonymous Guest

    Query Analyzer Debug Warning Message

    I go to SQL Analyzer and press the object browser which brings up the tree.
    I choose a procedure, right click and choose debug.

    I recieve the following error:
    SP Debugging may not work properly if you log on as 'Local System Account'
    while SQL Server is configured to run as a service. You can open Event viwer
    to see details.
    Do you wish to continue?

    I click ok and then am prompted for the procedure's variable values which
    I assign. I then try to debug through but all the program allows me to do
    is run the procedure. I'm very new to SQL Server and would appreciate articles
    or advice anyone can shed on using query analyzer to debug or any other tool
    that may be out there.

    Thank you very much

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    Aug 2005
    I have been having the same problem, but the "Legacy On" trick, and the sp3/sp4 fixes didn't help.
    Nowhere on the web could I find an answer that solved the problem.
    So I called Bill Gates, and paid the $350 for tech support.
    It took them a week to figure it out, but finally it was resolved!

    *** The DCOM configuration must include the tcp/ip protocol. ***

    Apparently, the Debugger doesn't use the same connection as SQL Query Analyzer.
    It uses DCOM to make a second connection to the SQL Server.
    That explains why you can run queries, but can't debug them.

    Simply run dcomcnfg, select the protocols tab, and make sure tcp/ip is in the list.
    If not, add it.

    Hope that helps all of you who tried the sp3/sp4 and Legacy route to no avail.


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    Nov 2005
    Can someone put this in Windows XP language? I dont' see the protocols tab in dcomcnfg , nor anyting like it lower in the hierarchy. Thanks in advance.

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