How to write to a specific line

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Thread: How to write to a specific line

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    How to write to a specific line

    In a program I am writing I need to be able to write to a specific line in a textfile. I don't know of anyway to do this except just rewriting the whole textfile which would be a pain to do. Does anyone know how to do this? To clear up any confusion that may have been caused I'll try to show what needs to be done.

    This is the textfile I have

    I need to write a specific string into here

    The extension list could go on for a while and would take a lot more coding to rewrite the file.

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    Since your text file appears to have an INI file structure you can probably use the WritePrivateProfileString API function call:
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    *sigh* I REALLY wish I had known about this earlier. This would have made this so much easier sheesh. Well thanks a lot for telling me about this. I suppose i better go update some of my code now hehe.

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    So far I'm loving the simplicity of this, but I need help with reading an entire section. I need to get all of the contents, which are unknown, and then add them to a listbox. When I use GetPrivateProfileSection it returns the whole section, which is what I want, in one variable with a lot of characters that I don't understand. How am I to split the string to single every item from the ini out.

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    Using this example function
    Public Function ReadProfileSection(ByVal SectionName As String, _
                                       ByVal FileName As String) As String
    Const MaxSectionLen As Integer = 6120 'Read Up To 5kB From Section
    Dim strSectionData As String * MaxSectionLen 'Define buffer to receive section data
    Dim lngApiFnVal As Long
    '    Returns vbNullChar delimited string of KeyNames and
    '    values within specified section
    '    else returns empty string
    lngApiFnVal = GetPrivateProfileSection(SectionName, strSectionData, _
                                           MaxSectionLen, FileName)
    If lngApiFnVal Then
       ReadProfileSection = Left(strSectionData, _
                                 InStr(strSectionData, vbNullChar + vbNullChar) - 1)
    End If
    End Function
    In your own code do something like
    Dim strText As String, strItem() As String
    strText = ReadProfileSection("MYSECTION", "C:\MyFolder\MyApp.Ini")
    strItem = Split(strText, vbNullChar)

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