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    Problem running simple exe

    I have a simple vb exe file that I wrote in Visual Studio 2003. I wrote the program on my home computer, where it runs perfect, but it will not run on my work computer, where I need to run it (both are windows XP). I get an unhandled error. Does it need to be compiled on the machine that it will run on?
    Unfortunately, I do not have a debugger/compiler on my work machine, so I can't debug it. I realize that this question is too vague to answer definitively, but I am wondering if there is a common cause of this problem.
    Some info: it is a simple file copy program. Uses 2 references (ADODB & VFPOLEDB). Just one module and one sub. Thanks!

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    probably one or more references are missing. Use the "Package and Deployment Wizard" add-in to create an installation setup for your application

    oops... sorry, I thought I was in the classic vb forum... please ignore this post
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    Unfortunately an "unhandled error" isn't very helpful. Is there any more detail you can provide? Can you identify when the error occurs? What is the application doing?

    Most importantly, is the .NET Framework installed?
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