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    [OT] installing windows xp problem

    I know this isn't the right place for this, but a number of you have helped me in the past and I didn't know of anyone else to ask.

    MY computer came in the mail yesterday as I was leaving for work. The box was wet as if it had been rained on coming strait off the fex-ex truck for delivery. She 'noted it' as being wet upon delivery. The box inside the box was also wet, the computer had plastic around its case but was by no means water tight. I don't think any water got into the case itself at all, but it's dry inside. That's not my problem though...

    The computer goes through POST beeps, starts windows fine, i get fan speed bios access all that. I get to windows setup via a CD it loads all the files then gets me to a screen saying "Press enter to contiune, R to repair or exit" I hit enter. Since it an empty HD, I need a fresh install, its my only choice (and trying to repair does nothing but bring me to a dos promt type screen, I tried that also.) I am getting an error. "Cannot read CD inserted into drive or it isn't a valad version of windows" I know it's valad I just bought it a few weeks ago and have used it a few times to reformat my old PC just the day before.

    I thought maybe it was the drive, so I swap in a DVD drive from my old PC and load up again. I get the same 'cannot read or invalad windows cd'

    It says "Please insert one of the following product CD's into the CD-ROM drive: Window XP (full version) Windows XP popo (full version), Win2k,ME,98,NT,95 or NT 3.51. I have a Windows XP disk...but it doesn't recognize it as windows xp.

    The only thing I can think of is that the CD does have SP2 already built in so I guess its 'Windows XP SP2 edition' maybe ? and thus not falling under the catagory of windows xp. Much like 98 and 98SE? Thats the only thing I can think of....and I have no way of getting hold of a copy of XP except one that says 'for use in a new vpr matrix pc only' or similar on it.

    http://support.microsoft.com/default...b;en-us;823613 is the closest to the error that I can find on the microsoft thing. I do get an option during setup to install a raid or scsi drive but I only have 1 hd and its s-ata and I have no pci cards in at all (says something about 'if you have one installed then install the driver' in the link ) also I have no floppy drive in the new pc, but I can swap one in if needed.

    I also have no 98 or ME to install than upgrade from =-/
    I can't contact them till monday and I'm just going nuts here, Thank you for any help you might have.


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    Turn it off. Push on every cable and card. Update bios. Try again.
    Also it might just be a bad cd, try it on a working computer (dont boot it, just stick it in and examine the file system )

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    Nov 2004
    After much searching, I found a copy of 98 a friend had and installed that, and later upgraded to xp with the CD I was having problems with. Just letting people know it works now and thank you for trying to help. I am not sure what was wrong, but it was a major pain.

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