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    Send the viewing HTML page by email


    I have a web page displaying a catalog of products, and there is a button which will send this catalog to the user by email when it is clicked. My problem is: can I somehow capture the viewing page and send it by email to user? If yes, how could I capture it and send it as HTML format? If no, is there any way to work around it without regenerating a new page?

    Thank you very much.

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    Is the catalog all that is in the web page? If yes you could use a webclient In the system.net namespace there is a WebClient class available or the HttpwebRequest class which can be used to make a request to the page if you are not on the page
    or you could this.Page.Response on the server and send it across before the response is sent to the client
    Refer msdn you can get the complete string equivalent of the web page with the response

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    Thanks Sri,

    I use the webClient or Httpwebrequest as keywords to search in the internet and read several articles about how to request a web page content. However, it only part of my expected solution. Except capturing the content of a web page, I need to send the page to user by email. An example of one of the articles I read indicates the use of streamreader to read the content, but I have no idea of how to read the page and send it by email. So, would you please tell me a bit more detail?

    Thank you very much

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    This is an article on screen scrapes where in a web page content is assigned to label text.

    After reading this assign the content to your email , content(i think its called body) and you will have to enable html email and send the email


    Does that help?

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