Okay I'm a Senior in College and will be getting a Computer Science degree in 7 months, I would like to pursue a job in Database Administration, Networking Administration, Or Software Development,

Here are my questions, I am and hope to find employment in State of Colorado

My Questions
I have searched many job sites looking for entry level positions. All the positions that I'm looking for in these fields require 2+ years experience. How do I find a Job that is entry level or how do I get a job that requires 2+ years experience.

Is a computer science degree enough? Do I need to pursue certifications, Currently i am pursuing certs in A+ and Networking + I should have these by the end of december, Should I pay the dough to take any other tests? I never thought about getting my masters Should I go on to get my masters or would I be able to get my masters while I work, Would this be easier?

Will jobs pay for these certifications if I am employed with them? Will they allow me to get as many certs as I want? Right now I'm kind of poor coming out of college, will this hurt me coming into the job market not having certs, I can go for more!

When Should I start applying to jobs, I get out of school April 31st, When Should I start applying to have a job by May 1st?

If the market is slow, What should I do if I can't get employeed is my next question, The tech field is competitive, The job listings all with experience scare me, Where can I go to find a job, Should I cold call out of a phone book? Should I go door to door? I've looked in newspapers, dice.com, careerbuilder.com, and monster.com. Where else Can I look?