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    heap sorting problem

    I have tried a few different things to try to get this error to go away. I know it is a problem with the type of data that I am trying to pass but don't see why. Any help is appreciated.

    File: H:\Data Structures\HW7\heapSortImplementation.java [line: 24]
    Error: pqInsert(SearchKeys.KeyedItem) in PriorityQueues.PriorityQueue cannot be applied to (double)
     public double makeHeap()
        PriorityQueue prq = new PriorityQueue();
        FileReader freader = new FileReader("hw7input.txt");
        BufferedReader inputFile = new BufferedReader(freader);
        input = inputFile.readLine();
        double dinput = Double.parseDouble(input);
        while(input != null)
          prq.pqInsert(dinput);//this is the line the error is on
          input = inputFile.readLine();
          dinput = Double.parseDouble(input);
    here is the code for the searchkey
    package SearchKeys;
    public abstract class KeyedItem
      private Comparable searchKey;
      public KeyedItem(Comparable key)
        searchKey = key;
      }//end constructor
      public Comparable getKey()
        return searchKey;
      }//end getKey
    }//end KeyedItem
    This is from the PriorityQueue class
    public void pqInsert(KeyedItem newItem) throws PQueueException
        }//end try
        catch(HeapException e)
          throw new PQueueException("PQueueException: Priority queue full");
        }//end catch
      }//end pqInsert
    This is the method called in the the above method
    public void heapInsert(KeyedItem newItem) throws HeapException
        //inserts an item into a heap
        //Pre-condition: newItem is the item to be inserted
        //Post-condition: if the heap was not full, newITem is in its proper position; otherwise HeapException is thrown
        if(size < MAX_HEAP)
          //place the new item at the end of the heap
          items[size] = newItem;
          //trickle new item up to its proper position
          int place = size;
          int parent = (place - 1) / 2;
          while((parent >= 0) && (items[place].getKey().compareTo(items[parent].getKey())) < 0)
            //swap items[place and items[parent]
            KeyedItem temp = items[parent];
            items[parent] = items[place];
            items[place] = temp;
            place = parent;
            parent = (place - 1) / 2;
          }//end while
        }//end if
          throw new HeapException("HeapException: Heap full");
        }//end else
      }//end heapInsert

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    your KeyedItem class is abstract. Are you creating a class which inherits from this abstract class and implements the methods of this class at some point? If so, your "KeyedItem" object should be constructed in the child class ... Otherwise, I am surprised you aren't getting other errors ...

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