I have tried a few different things to try to get this error to go away. I know it is a problem with the type of data that I am trying to pass but don't see why. Any help is appreciated.

File: H:\Data Structures\HW7\heapSortImplementation.java [line: 24]
Error: pqInsert(SearchKeys.KeyedItem) in PriorityQueues.PriorityQueue cannot be applied to (double)
 public double makeHeap()
    PriorityQueue prq = new PriorityQueue();
    FileReader freader = new FileReader("hw7input.txt");
    BufferedReader inputFile = new BufferedReader(freader);
    input = inputFile.readLine();
    double dinput = Double.parseDouble(input);
    while(input != null)
      prq.pqInsert(dinput);//this is the line the error is on
      input = inputFile.readLine();
      dinput = Double.parseDouble(input);
here is the code for the searchkey
package SearchKeys;

public abstract class KeyedItem
  private Comparable searchKey;
  public KeyedItem(Comparable key)
    searchKey = key;
  }//end constructor
  public Comparable getKey()
    return searchKey;
  }//end getKey
}//end KeyedItem
This is from the PriorityQueue class
public void pqInsert(KeyedItem newItem) throws PQueueException
    }//end try
    catch(HeapException e)
      throw new PQueueException("PQueueException: Priority queue full");
    }//end catch
  }//end pqInsert
This is the method called in the the above method
public void heapInsert(KeyedItem newItem) throws HeapException
    //inserts an item into a heap
    //Pre-condition: newItem is the item to be inserted
    //Post-condition: if the heap was not full, newITem is in its proper position; otherwise HeapException is thrown
    if(size < MAX_HEAP)
      //place the new item at the end of the heap
      items[size] = newItem;
      //trickle new item up to its proper position
      int place = size;
      int parent = (place - 1) / 2;
      while((parent >= 0) && (items[place].getKey().compareTo(items[parent].getKey())) < 0)
        //swap items[place and items[parent]
        KeyedItem temp = items[parent];
        items[parent] = items[place];
        items[place] = temp;
        place = parent;
        parent = (place - 1) / 2;
      }//end while
    }//end if
      throw new HeapException("HeapException: Heap full");
    }//end else
  }//end heapInsert