Hello all, i am new to the devx community. I had a question. I do not know if such an application exists but, I need an application that automatically forwards in coming text messages to my phone to my email address or to another phone number.
Here is an example. I travel alot across the country and have 2 cell phones. I usually leave one at home and carry the other one with me. But sometimes I get text messages sent to my 2nd phone. I would like an application that sends a copy of a message i have sent to either my email account or my second phone, and a copy of incoming text messages to my email address or to my other phone. The application has to be automatic, where I do not have to press anybuttons to have this function.
Is there an application out there that does this? I have looked all over the net and could not find anything.
If someone has such an application. Please post it up..