SQL Server Reporting Services Dynamic Formatting

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Thread: SQL Server Reporting Services Dynamic Formatting

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    SQL Server Reporting Services Dynamic Formatting


    I like to have some help with SQL Server Reporting Services . I like to know how do I format a perticular cell in a tabular report on run time . I am creating a tabular report which has 15 sub report . All the sub reports and the main report data is coming from SQL server stored procedures . This is a tabular report . I like the cells colors or font to be changed dynamically . For example if user clicks on a perticular cell on the report the cell will change the color . Is there anyway possible to do that in reporting services . I also like to know if I can write custom code to make the reporting services do the formatting I need . I am thinking of if - Then - Else statement kind of thing .Please help


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    As i Understood ur problem
    U can customized ur code by writting code in VB.Net(go to the menu->reportproperty->code) and u can inherit it in ur application for more information gothrough this url
    in help of reporting services


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    Report formatting in SQL Server Reporting services


    Thanks for your reply . The web link you said is not working . I think I did not explain my problem clearly . I have a report ( Table format ) . I need to add functionality like BOLD to the report . The goal is to make the user able to select a perticular information and make it bold by click on the b old button . I also would like add othe finctionality like changing colors as user wants like that . Please help


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