Implementing bubble sort algorithm in an ArrayList

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Thread: Implementing bubble sort algorithm in an ArrayList

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    Implementing bubble sort algorithm in an ArrayList


    i am completely lost in generating a bubble sort algorithm for an ArrayList.

    from what i read, i understand the idea behing bubble sort is comparing adjacent elements and swapping first and second if the first value is bigger. lets say my ArrayList has 5 items, how will the comparison be? compare 1 and 5 first, then 2 and 4, then 3 and ?

    any help and samples will be highly appreciated.

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    First round - items 0 to 4

    Start with items 0 and 1; if 0 is larger than 1, swap them; move to element 1, if element 1 is larger than element 2, swap them, etc. Largest will be item 4

    Second round - items 0 to 3
    Third round - items 0 to 2, etc.

    You can also create a "short cut" flag which stops the process if there are no swaps on a round ...

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