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    Writing data to the Web server

    I have problems with saving data on the Apache Web Server. I wanted to write an applet that opens and edits data and by closing an applet window the data must be saved. Of cource, by users the standard File class and writing threads, an applet tries to write it locally (not necessary). Then I tired to use URLConnection to the php script by sending data to it(because it is a web application partly written on php with an apache).
    1. My question is is it a correct solution?
    2. How php can read data from java applet(php code)?
    3. Are there properties for java URLConnection that are necessary to send the data to php script?

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    Uisng URLConnection sounds correct to me. It does not matter if there is a Java servlet or PHP code to process the request. It only requires a standard HTTP request. You can send the data through parameters, like
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    But I am going to save to a file the image data... How can I send it for a php code?

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