Is the Java Sound API too complex?

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Thread: Is the Java Sound API too complex?

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    Question Is the Java Sound API too complex?

    I've been looking at the Java Sound API, with an eye to playing back sound files during the course of an application. It seems way too complicated for that purpose, but AudioClip is too simplistic, so I guess I'm stuck with Java Sound.

    Would you agree that Java Sound is badly designed for the simple purpose of playing sound files?

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    the thing is that it wasn't designed as an easy method for playing sound files...its goal is to give programmers more flexibility...
    check this link:

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    Dec 2005
    That's kind of my point. It wasn't designed for playing sound files. AudioClip is inadequate, so you're left with no basic sound facilities in Java? As a programmer, looking through the Java APIs for sound reproduction facilities, I expected something labelled "sound API" to deal with the basics. I wouldn't argue that flexibility is a bad thing, except where it also hits usability. It is possible to achieve both, but that doesn't seem to have been attempted here.

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