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    Nov 2005

    Question plz help me to solve this problem..

    Hello dear,

    i am developin my project in ASP.Net,

    when i select a customer from dropdownList box. based upon that customer i open a web page in Dialog box by using
    window.showModalDialog('Customer Quotation.aspx','',''); show that customer records.
    in this page it i write some code on Page_Load() event(Server Side). in which i pick some records from Database based on some creteria and show that records in page regarding that customer.

    there is close button on this page in which i write 'self.close();'
    after close that dialog box when i again select another customer from dropdown box it open the previous page(which i closed) and Page_Load event of 'Customer Quotation.aspx' did not fire and records of previous customer show on page.

    plz tell me how i will close this DialogBox or 'Customer Quotation.aspx' page so that when again open it then it will agein load from server and Page_Load event fire from server side.

    waiting for your reply......


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    May 2005
    try using a window.refresh on the client side page load, I am mentioning a quick answer so that you can then debug stepping through and know why there is no post back

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