reading flat file of fixed length and write into the data base

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Thread: reading flat file of fixed length and write into the data base

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    reading flat file of fixed length and write into the data base

    I am working as a web developer , doing project in in that by using c, they have taken the data from machine and store it as a flat file with .L extension into the directory, Now i have to read the flat file of fixed length from this directory and store it into the database table,
    The table have the fields like this
    datcallingDateTime as Date
    LgTransTime as long
    int TkNo as integer
    intServiceNo as integer
    intCounterNo as integer
    intApplicationNo as integer .....
    Since it is a flatfile i cannot see the content how it is inside,the only information i got is ,it is of fixed length,

    please help in regarding reading the flat files.

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    ' Imports System.IO
    ' Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices
    Private Structure RecordType
        Public datCallingDateTime As Date
        Public lngTransTime As Long
        Public intTkNo As Integer
        Public intServiceNo As Integer
        Public intCounterNo As Integer
        Public intApplicationNo As Integer
    End Structure
    Dim handle As GCHandle
    Dim ptr As IntPtr
    Dim Record As RecordType
    Dim Buffer(Len(Record) - 1) As Byte
    Dim theFile As New FileStream("d:\path\filename.L", FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read)
    Do Until theFile.Position >= theFile.Length
        ' Read one record into Buffer array
        theFile.Read(Buffer, 0, Buffer.Length)
        ' Copy Buffer into Record structure
        handle = GCHandle.Alloc(Buffer, GCHandleType.Pinned)
        ptr = handle.AddrOfPinnedObject()
        Record = DirectCast(Marshal.PtrToStructure(ptr, GetType(RecordType)), RecordType)
        ' -- Insert values of Record structure into database 
    Phil Weber

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    I do not offer free assistance by e-mail. Thank you!

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