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    Dec 2005

    small problems that seem impossible to find in the javaAPI

    Hello, I have some minor problems I hoped someone here would know the answers to;

    my first question is how to resize an applet, I've checked the API and found the resize(int width, int height) method, but where am I supposed to use it?
    in the init? in the head? tried most places...

    the second question is how to break rows when writing to a file with FileWriter, I've tried \n like in C, but it does not seem to work, and it's impossible to find any info on those kind of basic operators o_O

    and lastly the third problem... I can't seem to get my program to utilize the write-to-file method I wrote, here is the relevant code;


    historyWriter(historyEntryH, historyEntryT); //here's the call, and here's where I get the error

    public void historyWriter(String H, String T) // and here is the method
    throws IOException
    File historyFile = new File(outputDirT.getText());
    FileWriter writer = new FileWriter(historyFile, true);
    writer.write(H + " / " + T + '\n' + " <|> ");

    the method works fine if I call it externally, but as soon as I try to call it from the other method above I get "must be declared or thrown"

    if I proceed to change the above code to
    historyWriter(historyEntryH, historyEntryT);
    catch(IOException e)

    I can proceed and compile the program, but it doesnt work (it wont write to the file in question, and the for-loop the call is in stops working properly)

    it's probably a simple mistake, does anyone have any good ideas? ^_^

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    Oct 2005
    It's been a while but I think you use the setSize method in init.

    when I write text to a file I'll use a PrintWriter. It makes it super easy to write a line break.

    PrintWriter writer = new PrintWriter(new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter(targetFile)));
    writer.println("Some String");

    Also if your writing to a file from an applet you could run into problems because of the security setup for applets. You can read from files in an applet though.
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