Text console cursor position manipulation

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Thread: Text console cursor position manipulation

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    Oct 2005

    Text console cursor position manipulation

    For a standard text console and platform independent code, is there a way to move cursor backwards on screen? something like showing progress.

    Processing: 50%

    how would I change just the number as it increases?

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    Not really. The problem is that most Console Apps treat the diaplay as an output file, to which you can write incrementally, that is, move from one character to the next one, but not backwards. You either need to use a dedicated library of an SDK of some sort that gives you more control over the display device.
    Danny Kalev

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    Oct 2005
    ok, that's what I thought.
    I had searched the net and could not find anything realated to it at all.
    I was just trying to get cute with the code and put in some extra complexity. :D
    I'll just stick with "Processing........done"

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    Oct 2005
    only problem is that it's not platform independent.

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