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    Dec 2005

    Exclamation Editing A JTree Node Through External Editor

    Hi Guys,

    Hope you all are doing well..
    Well right now i am facing a problem in JTree. I want whenever the user is traversing my JTree and presses enter it opens a a dialog box which contains a JTextArea. The moment a user presses the enter the dialog box will become invisible and the value written in the JTextarea will be assigned to the node.

    I am half way already but i am unable to assign the value of JTextarea to the node.

    Plz help me out how to asign a value to a node...........


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    Aug 2003
    JTree has functionality for allowing nodes to be edited inline which means that you wouldn't have to have the JTextArea at all. This might be a better idea than popping up a JTextArea, and probably easier too.

    Hope this helps.

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