I m trying to establish connectivity between java and SQLite.

This is the code :

import java.sql.*;
public class get
{ public static void main(String[] args) { String url = "jdbc:sqlite:/E:/SQL Lite DB/keywording/keywording.db"; Connection con; String query = "select * from THESAURUS_SYNONYM"; Statement stmt; try { Class.forName("SQLite.JDBCDriver"); } catch(Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } }

I have set Classpath for sqlite.jar file like :
java -cp E:\SQL Lite DB\sqlite.jar

It is giving error:
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: SQLite.JDBC2y.JDBCConnection

I have opend jar file and see that this jar file contain package name JDBC2x and classes.
I have changed name of package to JDBC2y and make jar file and then use it but it is not working.

Please tell how can i get suitable jar file for this program. Tell me whole process for establishing connection between java and SQLite. Tell me some useful links for codes that establish connection between java and SQLite.

Please reply me in detail.

Thanks & Regards