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Thread: Strach Image

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    Question Strach Image

    hi i need help

    im traying 2 put a strach image ( image Hight ="100%")
    under a FRAME

    my code is :
    (A) <FRAMESET COLS = "115,*,11" ... >

    here (under or down the "FRAME_IMAGE.html") i like 2 put an image that is height is "100%" ( Full Screen Height)

    so it's need 2 be like
    (C) <IMG SRC = "LEFTDOWN.PNG" WIDTH ="115" HEIGHT="100%"...>
    but its not Working i can't c the image

    if i put this line of code (C)before the frameset i only get the image (LEFTDOWN)
    any help will be good

    if there is a beter way to do this it will be cool
    Thank u all
    <i'm realy new i just started 2 days ago>
    Last edited by imosha; 12-20-2005 at 08:26 AM.

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