Here's the source code I've written from an exercise in a book I have. I keep getting an error message and can't figure out why. I put the error message below the code. By they way, I'm learning at my own pace with many books i have here at home, so I'm not looking for a better way to write this program (using control statements and such) I'm just looking to find out what is wrong with the coding i have here. Thanks for all of your help!

import javax.swing.JOptionPane;
import java.text.DecimalFormat;

public class Paycheck
	static final double FEDERAL = .15;
	static final double STATE = .035;
	static final double SOCIAL = .0575;
	static final double MEDICARE = .0275;
	static final double PENSION = .05;
	static final double HEALTH = 75.00;

	public static void main(String[] args)
		PrintWriter outFile = new PrintWriter(new FileWriter("a:\\paycheck"));
		DecimalFormat twoDigit = new DecimalFormat("0.00");

		String name;
		String stringGross;
		double gross;
		double federalDeduction, stateDeduction, socialDeduction, medicareDeduction, pensionDeduction, healthDeduction;
		double totalDeductions;
		double netPay;

		name = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter your name:");
		stringGross = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter your gross earnings:");
		gross = Double.parseDouble(stringGross);

		federalDeduction = gross * FEDERAL;
		stateDeduction = gross * STATE;
		socialDeduction = gross * SOCIAL;
		medicareDeduction = gross * MEDICARE;
		pensionDeduction = gross * PENSION;
		healthDeduction = gross * HEALTH;
		totalDeductions = federalDeduction + stateDeduction + socialDeduction + medicareDeduction + pensionDeduction + healthDeduction;

		netPay = gross - totalDeductions;

		outFile.printLn("Gross Amount:                 $" + twoDigit.format(gross));
		outFile.printLn("Federal Tax:                  $" + twoDigit.format(federalDeduction));
		outFile.printLn("State Tax:                    $" + twoDigit.format(stateDeduction));
		outFile.printLn("Social Security Tax:          $" + twoDigit.format(socialDeduction));
		outFile.printLn("Medicare/Medicaid Tax:        $" + twoDigit.format(medicareDeduction));
		outFile.printLn("Pension Plan:                 $" + twoDigit.format(pensionDeduction));
		outFile.printLn("Health Insurance:             $" + twoDigit.format(healthDeduction));
		outFile.printLn("Net Pay:                      $" + twoDigit.format(netPay));


And the error message I keep getting:

Code: cannot find symbol
symbol    : method printLn(java.lang.string)
location   : class
I get this same error for every printLn statement
Whats wrong?!?!