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    dynamic object identification problem

    ok, I have a class that takes 3 inputs.
    Variable(NAME, TYPE, DATA);
    the name is a string, the type is a string, however the DATA is where it gets tricky.

    DATA depends on what the string TYPE is. Example
    if TYPE is a String
    DATA isa String
    if TYPE is a VectorObject
    DATA isa VectorObject

    you get the idea right?
    Now, here's the problem. I don't know what to identify DATA as. It's type is determined at runtime, not compiletime, so I don't know what to define it as, since a string cannot be coverted into VectorObject, plus i can't keep redefining DATA.

    if TYPE isa VectorObject
    DATA isa VectorObject
    would be shown as VectorObject DATA = new VectorObject();
    the problem arises when i try to store or return the DATA object!

    public <omg i dont know what identifier goes here, b/c i don't know the type yet> GetData { return DATA;}
    So any ideas?
    There's got to be a better way to do this or something small that im missing.
    I'm not sure if i could use an interface for this situation, any suggestions?
    This is for a Java game scripting system im developing.

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    Read up on Java's implementation of Generics. It fits the bill you want to implement.

    Variable(String name, T type, T data)

    public <T> T getData()
    return DATA;

    Here's a link to the "official" Generics tutorial, in pdf format:


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