Ok, Well I was posting before trying to get an applet that opens a textfile and edits it to work. I got that working. Now if I open the .html file from the location on the server it will open fine. But if I open a browser and go to the website with the applet I can see the applet but the text files do not load. I think it has something to do with the fact that the files are stored on the server and if you open it in your browser it looks for the location of the files but does not see them. If I open the .html file saved on the server and let it open the applet in the browser and then while the browser is still open type in URL to access the applet over the net, then it also loads fine(I think because the textfiles are stored in the cache or something). So I hope at least some of that makes sense, and does anyone know how I can make it so when trying to go to the URL it will load the text files? Thanks