Would anyone be able to help me create a macro or script that can reference data from excel fields, insert them into html files, then generate multiple html files?

in this case, all I am doing is creating a large number of basic html files w/a jpeg that will be used as popups for when someone clicks a thumbnail to view a large image. i need a simple script that can retrieve data from the TITLE, FILENAME and HEIGHT/WIDTH fields in a spreadsheet and insert them into the appropriate locations inside the html. i then want to generate a series of html files, each one corresponding to each image file in a directory. if possible, i would like to take the height/width data directly from the "tags" in the image file itself as indicated in the windows "properties" rather than enter them all into an excel column.

i found a nice utility on http://www.ebbemunk.dk/downloads/generator/, but it's locking up in excel on this computer for some reason when i try to run it w/the default example.