Add or delete rows from the dataGrid

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Thread: Add or delete rows from the dataGrid

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    Add or delete rows from the dataGrid


    I have a question about .NET datagrid . I have a datagrid with multiple rows . How need to able to Add & delete rows from the datagrid . I like the users to able to select the rows he needs to delete or Add and then click a button to delete that selected rows from the dataGrid or add a new row to the grid . How do I do that . Please also so me some code sample .


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    try these steps

    1)take a hidden field in datagrid at last index and bind it with some unique data field to which u can be uniquely identified each row

    2)when u select any row then retrieve the Key from hidden field

    3)press delete button and delete record on the basis of hiddenKey

    4)To add new Rows take data in a datatable(dt) from ur DataSet and bind it with dataGrid

    Enter all values in textBox then press a submit button to add these in database then reload ur grid

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