I have made a little program that reads data from a file line per line. Now I want to join all the class files together with that file in one single jar file. The problem that I have with the jar is that java will look for 'my database' outside of the jar How can I make it look for it in the jar?

This is a piece of my code:
			FileReader frd = new FileReader("NL-FR");
			BufferedReader brd = new BufferedReader(frd);
			boolean finished = false;
			String strLine = new String();
			while (!finished){
				strLine = brd.readLine();
				if (strLine == null)
					finished = true;
					 * Here a map with the original word as key
					 * and the possible translations as values
					 * The keys are then put seperately in an array
					String[] strAnswers = strLine.split(";");
					String strKey = strAnswers[0];
					String[] strValues = new String[strAnswers.length - 1];
					for (byte i = 0; i < strAnswers.length - 1; i++){
						strValues[i] = strAnswers[i+1];
		}catch(IOException e){
			lblCorrect.setText("ERROR: while reading file...");
		Set<String> set = mapDictionary.keySet();
		strQuestions = new String[set.size()];