Windows Forms 2.0 Client Platform Requirements

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Thread: Windows Forms 2.0 Client Platform Requirements

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    Windows Forms 2.0 Client Platform Requirements


    I would like to develop a smart client windows forms application in.NET 2.0 using Enterprise Library (Nov. CTP), Composite UI Application Block (CAB) and ClickOnce.

    The kicker is that the application needs to be deployed to client computers running Windows 98? Is this possible?

    I've researched that .NET 2.0 supports Windows 98, however, the online documentation from Enterprise Library and CAB state that they support only Windows 2000 and up...

    ....which begs the question: can the resulting application be deployed and ran on Windows 98?

    Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Because Windows 98 is fundamentally different than the NT based OS versions about the only thing I can suggest is that you develop a prototype and test it. As you mentioned Windows 98 is supported by the .NET Framework, but the extent to which certain features are available is going to be limited by the architecture of the OS. However, I'm not aware of any issue specific to Windows 98 that would prevent the click once and smart client technology to function.

    I do know that the UAB (Updater Application Block), which is to be replaced by ClickOnce, is not supported under Windows 98.
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