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    Jan 2006

    Question data synchronization between 2 sql servers through vb.net code

    i need to synchronize data between our main Server and local Client Servers

    both contain Patient Records, but the Local Client server contain only patient records related to that client

    please give me the ways we can synchronize this data

    and suggest a better solution of synchronization.

    things to be considered

    the synchronization process should be controller by the client application (or some front end)i.e. the synchronization should take place when the user wants it to be done and he should be able to pause or resume the synchronization optionally he may choose data for synchronization (i.e. he may not want few details that has bulk data to be synchronized)

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    I think it's better if you use DTS and Job of SQL Server.. (local Client Server..)
    Best Regards,
    Michael Sync

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