Hi and a happy and prosperous new year to everyone out there.I would want someone to help me out of this riddle:
There is an application am developing in which I have customers and their various orders.The Customer Table (Customers) is related to the Orders Table(Orders) by a field (CustNo).At the VB front end I created a MASTER/DETAIL Relationship for the two tables(Customer table is Master while Orders table is Detail).The following is the code that is intended to sum all charges on the Orders table relating to a customer:

“SELECT Customer.Date,Customer.CustNo,Customer.Address,Orders.CustNo,SUM(Orders.Labour) AS Labour Charges,SUM(Orders.VAT) AS VAT Charges,SUM(Orders.Misc) AS Miscellaneuos Charges FROM Customer INNER JOIN Orders ON Customer.CustNo=Orders.CustNo GROUP BY Customer.Date,Customer.CustNo,Customer.Address,Orders.CustNo”

Problem is, using this query I don’t get the desired result.For instance,when a customer has multiple orders, I should get the total for each of the charges displayed but what I get instead is a report that presents different pages for each order placed by same customer instead of having it displayed and totaled on a single page.Anyway around this from anyone please?