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    dev tools comparison

    Hey, I've been doing development with .NET/Win32 for awhile. We have many tools to get our job done just wondering what's the equivalent in Java/Open Source world?

    1. Text Editor: UltraEdit (Costs you)
    2. Merge/diff tool: WinMerge (Free, anything that runs on Linux?)
    3. Stress/load testing: Microsoft Application Center Test (Comes with Visual Studio.NET)
    4. ETL: Microsoft SQL Server DTS (What do you use for Oracle and MySQL?)
    5. SQL tuning: "Query Analyzer" and "SQL Profiler" comes with Microsoft SQL Server (again, what do you use for Oracle and MySql?)
    6. Memory Profiler (profiling app memory consumption): .NET Memory Profiler (http://www.scitech.se/memprofiler/order.htm)
    7. Profiler (tune app performance): ANTS Profiler (Yes I heard of JProfiler but it's not free... what do you think of Eclipse Profiler Plugin?)
    8. Code Quality: fxcop... anything we use with Java?

    Anyway, thanks in advance.

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    Jun 2004
    Those who work on windows and Java will use alot of those too. 1-3. and 4-5 if they use SQL Server.

    On Unix and Linux and other platforms that Java can run run on come with good text editors built in. Same for merge/diff.

    Other stress-Loading? Rational tools, JUnit based tools, etc.

    As for ETL, those who need it usually use a more powerful product such as Informatica. IBM just bought an ETL company. In enterprise systems, ESB/JMS is used instead of ETL.

    For SQL - Tools come with each database. Some use TOAD. Some use SQuirreL.

    As for profiling 6-7, there is a Netbeans profiler too.

    As for 8, there are a bunch. Some open source and some others. The IDEs themselves provide basic code quality.

    I've done both Java and Microsoft for years now and I, IMHO, find there is much more available in the open world than in the Microsoft world. I'm sure there are examples where it is not true. You can find an OSS tool do all 8 in the Java world.

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