java source code for convert pdf file to html

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Thread: java source code for convert pdf file to html

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    java source code for convert pdf file to html


    i m facing a problem please any one give me help with properly.

    i want to make a program for convert the pdf file to html and vice versa?

    bt , i could,t make it .

    please , give me the instraction for , where source code is available.


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    I think you should start with Adobe's documentation: Look for their SDKs and APIs, and read the documentation. There are probably APIs that convert PDF to pure text, which can get you started. I don't know if they support direct PDF to HTML but perhaps there's a basic conversion function that does it in a limited way.
    Danny Kalev

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    Hi All
    I want java source code for convert pdf file to html

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    Here is another.
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    its very easy make with itext, in the site has many example. try, that you'll got make this, very easy.


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    Convert pdf to html

    Hi All,

    As per my information and what i have searched ,i can say that itexthas capabilities to convert xxx format to pdf but the vicevarsa is little doubtful.

    PDFBOX has some part to play.

    PDFBOX can
    a.Extract text from pdf and transform it to html page.
    b.Extract text from pdf.

    However how to get those images into the newly created html page is still big question.

    Still trying the same.
    Please do share your valuable comments.

    Thanks a lot in advance.


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