Hello all! I am new here and I've come for some help from someone that hopefully knows more about what they're doing than I do....lol. I am currently working for a client of mine on her website and recently she asked me if I could work with embedding video into some of her pages. OK I got that down which was fairly easy for me to learn. Well I have run into a little problem on how to work this one page the way she wants it to. So this is how she wants the page to work. When the page loads she wants a 30 sec video to automatically play on the page itself with windows media player and when the video is finished playing she wants her visitor's browser to be automatically redirected to another page on her site which is a join us page where visitors can register to become a member. OK cool I got the video embedded into the page and it plays automatically once the page loads fine. My problem is I don't know how or the code needed to make the page automatically redirect to her "join us" page after the video plays or after like a 1 1/2 minute or so session timeout. Can anybody please help me with this in beginner's language? lol. I have a deadline of Wednesday to figure this out and have this page up and running on her site. Any help is so appreciated. Thank you all for your time in reading this