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    Need Help Building Servlet-Mapping in web.xml

    Need Help Building Servlet-Mapping in web.xml. Please help me write correct url in my web.xml file. The following is my web.xml entry for my controller servlet.The following entry works fine when i run my application on my local laptop machine. I just cannot figure out what to write in my url mapping for my contrioller servlet so that my controller servlet can be found on the server once the application is uploaded on the host server on the internet.
    My application name = ROOT.war
    My hosting directory = http://javafaces.s43.eatj.com.
    Please help me write the correct url mapping for my controller servlet.......Thanks



    The index.jsp page comes fine but when i tried to login in my application using user-id/passowrd the Following Error comes on the server when i try to enter my application using
    userid = guest
    password = guest.

    The Error

    HTTP Status 404 - Servlet ShadiManager is not available


    type Status report

    message Servlet ShadiManager is not available

    description The requested resource (Servlet ShadiManager is not available) is not available.


    Apache Tomcat/5.5.9

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    I think your configuration is right,
    You should ask the webmaster if the server support servlet invoke?

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