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    HOW TO PRINT a subset data FROM A BROWSER to local PRINTER

    HOW TO PRINT a subset data FROM A BROWSER to local PRINTER

    From Server side: I am using Java Servlet for the application that run on our server. I have make a subset of data available to the browser.

    From Client side: Using Internet Explorer browser
    I want end user able to click on the html button and the browser will send a subset of data
    (not the whole page) to end user default local printer.

    The QUESTION is:
    How to print a subset data from a browser (without choosing a printer or want to skip the printer selection) to end user default printer?

    I do not have a clue on how to make that work.
    Would someone tell me how and what to use.



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    i'm not sure how you could do that, but I'd be pissed if i hit a button on a web page and my printer started. Wouldn't it be easier to just output a printer friendly page and let the client decide how to print it.

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