working with dates in SQL

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Thread: working with dates in SQL

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    working with dates in SQL

    Hi guys, looking for help with a problem with a small database I am setting up.
    My dbase has only 2 tables which are

    Personal Table-
    Employee ID (primary key)
    First Name
    Last Name
    Phone No
    Mobile Phone
    NPK (foreign Key)

    UKCC Table -
    NPK (primary key)
    UKCC Number
    UKCC expiry date
    Working Hours
    No Of day worked
    PD review date

    Now the problem I have is when creating a query to 'flag up' expiry dates 30 day before it does expire. I have no problems in cretaing the SELECT statement or FROM statement (as is always the case), and most of the WHERE statement i.e. linking the tables.
    I know I cannot just subtract a integer from the expiry date, this is where I am struggling.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    SQL Server? Take a look at the DATEDIFF function mate...



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