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    Oct 2005

    Problem with nested install of SQL 2005 Express...

    I create Installer for my company, with using SQL 2005 Express and its files database. I used MS Build bootstrapper before to install MS SQL 2005 Express in my installer and it was installed before my product installed, and there is no problems...
    But now I need to install Express during setup, because it must be installed NOT everytime (if user choose, in bootstrapper it is impossible).
    I know that during execute sequence it is not possible: two installer are not lived simultaneously in memory and I move SQL 2005 Express installation to UISequence.

    But everytime error occured during install (list from sql server install log):
    MSI (s) (00:6C) [18:54:38:015]: Machine policy value 'DisableUserInstalls'
    is 0 MSI (s) (00:6C) [18:54:38:015]: Note: 1: 1309 2: 5 3:
    MSI (s) (00:6C) [18:54:38:015]: MainEngineThread is returning 110
    The system cannot open the device or file specified.

    So there is no error, "Another installer process in memory", but another
    very strange error and I dont know what to do
    I try quiet and usual SQL express install - but that doesnt matter.

    It seems, that package sqlexpr32.exe after unpacking cant see its files... What must I do to install SQL 2005 Express during my UI of Installer?

    Or may some other ways to install SQL 2005 Express, with some secret keys?

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    Hope this helps.

    I have a commercial application at work that has to do the same task as you ask.

    The way they accomplish this task is by using two install applications. One is a server install or so it is called, but really is a more like a wizard application. It allows the user to set up a new application database and it has a few other DB utilities. Once this is done you can install as many client applications as needed since they assume a database has been installed and don't need to deal with that. You might have to reconsider how your client apps connect to the database (connection string or user prompting).

    Hope this helps,


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