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    Question WAI Compliant Web Slider


    I have a question relating to creating slider bars for a web page (i.e you drag a bar with the mouse on a sliding scale and a value changes automatically). I am looking at creating a website in Asp.net 2.0 and trying as best as possible to conform to Web Accessibility Standards (WAI) and ideally double A conformance.
    It seems as though with any form of slider bar there will be a need for client side javascript / use of images, which can all be disabled by the end user. Even to move the slider bar requires the use of a mouse i.e. there is no keyboard alternative (but possibly this depends upon implementation of the slider).
    I am looking at a zero-footprint solution (i.e. no ActiveX controls downloaded to the client machine).
    I was considering javascript only, or a .net server control with minimal javascript or an ajax solution but this still requires javascript and therefore has issues with WAI, we cannot think of any of alternatives, advice appreciated.
    At the moment it seems any slider solution cannot be WAI compliant, hence sliders just cannot be implemented. I am also not looking at investing a lot of time / money developing a slider solution.
    A possible options is to render two pages one with slider, one with an alternative solution that is AA compliant, and user agrees before hand which they want.

    Any guidance, ideas, links or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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    You could investigate using Flash, which has implemented a number of accessibility features. Or you could investigate using a Java applet. This IBM site (http://www.dinf.ne.jp/doc/english/Us...sun98_051g.htm) lists a number of guidelines for accessibility with Java.
    A. Russell Jones,
    Executive Editor,

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    The problem is that neither Flash nor Java are zero-footprint.

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