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    Unhappy Getting frustrated with this... please help...


    I have implemented some sort of a drawing board that extends a JPanel. Drawing of nodes and lines is done there. The JPanel is inside a scrollpane, and it's size will increase/decrease - like the zooming functionality when the user tries to click the JPanel. I am already done with the zooming functionality. My problem now is on Panning (or move) functionality. I really don't have any idea how to do this. It's like when the user is in panning mode, he can drag the JPanel to display the viewport it wants in the scrollpane.

    Please Help...

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    Two ways at least...

    If you code your visible objects so they all place themselves according to a reference point (upperLeft ? ), then in pan mode you could move this reference point according to the dragging and do repaints as you go along.


    You could place the panel extension inside a JScrollPane, detect mouse dragging (in pan mode) and scroll accordingly, but I have not tested that appoach yet.
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