Setting ListBox Entry

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Thread: Setting ListBox Entry

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    Setting ListBox Entry

    As I'm going through my all list entries using For...Next, I want to be able to modify the entries if they meet certain conditions.

    A. How do I set strFCLine to the current entry of my For....Next?

    B. How do I change my list entry to the content of the variable?

    Private Sub mnuFCMod_Click()
    Dim strFCLine As String
    Dim Item() As String
    Dim i As Integer

    For i = 0 To List1.ListCount - 1

    strFCLine = List1.Text 'Question A?


    List1.Text = strFCName 'Question B?

    ReDim Preserve Item(i)
    Item(i) = List1.List(i)

    Next i

    List1.Tag = List1.ListCount

    End Sub

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    Use the List property to set/get the text of a list item:

    'get the text of list item
    strFCLine = List1.List(i)

    'set text of list item
    List1.List(i) = strFCLine

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