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    May 2005

    Arrow Inserting different types of objects into one queue

    I wish to place objects of class B and class C into one queue. The queue, say class Queue, is a class template. Further, B and C are derived from class A. Can I say something like:

    Queue<A> qobject;
    B bob;
    C cat;

    or do I have to cast objects of B and C to type A before insertion. If so how do I cast objects from one type to another at run time.
    Also, if the above is possible how do I, when removing objects from the queue, know which type of object I am removing.

    I would be grateful for all help

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    Dec 2003
    I would make a union or a class with pointers to all the classes and make a Q of that.

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    Dec 2004
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    couldn't you "cast" them at time of creation of the objects?

    A* bob = new Bob;
    A* cat = new Cat;

    now the object pointer is of the supertype A but are constructed as objects of the child classes .. and they can be added to the queue ...
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    Nov 2003
    Actually, what you're looking for is a heterogeneous conatiner. I discussed it recently:
    The pointer cast option is applicable only if you a hierarchy of classes, i.e., B is derived from C
    Danny Kalev

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