Ultimately what I want is to have multiple seperately scrollable JTextAreas size-by-side in my JFrame. I figured this would be terribly simple, and yet I'm very confused.

My scrollable JScrollPane/JTextArea won't appear if I put it in a WEST or EAST cell of a BorderLayout, nor will it appear at all in a GridBagLayout or FlowLayout.

This code works to get one scrollable JTextArea. But if I do anything creative to try to add in a second one, none of them appear. What is my head missing?
class ScrollFrame extends JFrame
	JScrollPane jScrollPaneA;
	JTextArea jTextAreaA;
		Container cont = getContentPane();
		cont.setLayout(new BorderLayout());

		jTextAreaA = new JTextArea();
		jScrollPaneA = new JScrollPane(jTextAreaA);