Here is a piece of code my app
if( !foundRates )
//if not, check if it starts in this line
foundRates = (line.indexOf(startRates) != -1);
//check if this line contains interesing information
else if( ( infoIndex = line.indexOf(startInfo)) != -1 )

while( colCounter < 11)

//extract the information

endIndex = line.indexOf(endInfo,0);
infoString = line.substring( infoIndex + startInfoLength, endIndex );

//put it in a 2d array

info[rowCounter][colCounter] = infoString;


i am trying to extract each of the currency names from a line of source code within a html web page.

Here is the source code

<td align="center" class="taulaverdfluix">USD</td><td align="center" class="taulaverdfluix">EUR</td><td align="center" class="taulaverdfluix">GBP</td><td align="center" class="taulaverdfluix">JPY</td><td align="center" class="taulaverdfluix">CHF</td><td align="center"

this is all one line on the page source . i want to know how do i get the above code to move along the line instead of reading USD over and over again. i want it to read EUR, GBP etc.

for those who want to know what enfinfo and startinfo are = to here they are
endinfo = </td>
startInfo = "<td align=\"center\" class=\"taulaverdfluix\">";