anyone know if its possible to use an anchor tag in a .jsp (right now the page is straight html, but is named .jsp for future development by the java developers)

if it is possible, is the syntax different?

Im using javascript, tables and frames (yuck, i know). the frames are in 3 rows. in the top row i have 2 buttons, that I want to target an area on the same page loaded in the middle and bottom frames. was thinking anchors would work but it doesnt. the script works until I put in the # for the anchor in the href...
code for the button:
<td class="buttonCell textCenter"><input type="button" class="formButton formButtonLong"
			value="Next Discrepancy" onclick="javascript:parent.middle.location.href='currentYr.jsp#discrep1';return true;"></td>
and the frameset:
<frameset rows="15%,*,*" frameborder="0" border="0" framespacing="0">
<frame src="../bes/header.jsp" name="head" noresize scrolling=no>
<frame src="../bes/currentYr.jsp" name="middle" noresize>
<frame src="../bes/previousYr.jsp" name="bottom" noresize>
This was posted in so I apologize for the duplicate , just not getting much help over there and I am at a complete loss--I know very little about jsps...