Print method to create Pdf files (VB.Net)

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Thread: Print method to create Pdf files (VB.Net)

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    Print method to create Pdf files (VB.Net)

    Is there a way to use the print method to create pdf files with VB.Net 03?
    I am trying to save web pages as pdf files on my hard drive. I don't want to have to buy an SDK from adobe if I can create the pdf files programmatically for free. Can anyone provide advise on how to accomplish this task or should I probably just acquire the SDK from Adobe to make the pdf files?

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    You could install CutePDF, a free printer driver that "prints" PDF files. Not sure if you're allowed to redistribute it, though.

    There's also XSL-FO, but it's considerably more complex:
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    Shapr PDF

    a try.

    I've used it and its not too bad. You draw the document much like you would when printing.


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    Hi, Boomstick

    I understand not wanting to get the SDK if you don't have to. Do you have Acrobat itself installed (not the reader, but the full-blown Acrobat)? If so, you should be able to save the web pages as pdf files... This is done manually, though - is there a reason you want to do this programmatically? Or have I missed the point?


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