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    Help:A website problem

    My problem is to visit the website


    and then there is a dropdown menu called Auslandpreise and if u click the button Hinzufügen that selected country will be added to the same webpage and after that i can extract the contents from that page.
    Now the question is how to select all the elements from that menu and add it to the page from my Java program.

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    Use URLConnection. Connect to the server and download that web page. Parse out the <FORM> you are interested, and parse out <option> values for that <select>. Then recreate the form data and post it back to the server in a URLConnection, once for each option you parsed out earlier.

    You'll have to look up the <post> data format (it's pretty straightforward).

    If you want, you can just cut-and-paste their list of <options>, if you don't want to do the first URLConnection and parsing of the file programatically.

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