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    Jan 2006

    Unhappy Need Help On Java Code !!!!!!!

    halo peeps~

    ok ..basically ..i need lotsa help in this project that i am doing ...cuz i just so suck at programming ... i will be asking more questions in time to come ..

    BUT ...1st thing 1st...

    does anyone know how to write the java code for a dead reckoning model ? ...like for example ..for air simulation ?

    Need to do a mini simulation project(not that i have a choice) ..with ..server and client. The dead reckoning will be under the client side and server will be the one sending information on the updates of the positions, acceleration etc ...

    HELP HELP ... pls ?

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    Aug 2005
    No one will do your code for you here Im sorry..

    If you show what you have attempted and ask questions regarding your code, you are more likely to receive help!

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    Dec 2005
    New Jersey
    Also, when posting, please use a title specific to your problem. Please use proper grammer and spelling too; it's much easier to read, and people will take you seriously.

    Don't say you suck at programming either. You don't.

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    Feb 2006
    Cologne - Germany
    air simulation? dead reckoning model?
    what is that all?
    perhaps you should start your work with defining all objects in your project with all interactions between them.

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